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10 Facts About Women in Jails

10 facts about women in jails

American Jail Association
8 ways to support protests against the criminal punishment system, if you can’t get out on the street

Dec 2014 article for Waging Nonviolence

Law, Victoria
A big step forward on solitary confinement

This describes the campaign that led to massive restrictions in the use of solitary confinement in CA.

Magnani, Laura
A Profound Spiritual Crisis: Prison Voices Call for Change

Bonny Kerness, director of AFSC’s Prison Watch Program, describes what she has learned as a prison advocate. The article includes powerful collages by Ojore Lutalo, who spent 22 years in solitary confinement. More collages can be found at AFSC’s Facebook page.

Kerness, Bonny
A Report on the Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions in Maryland University of Maryland School of Law

Report on the consequences of incarceration for state's returning citizens.

Sentencing Project
A Study Guide: The New Jim Crow

Study Guide to facilitate group discussion of Michelle Alexander's Book, The New Jim Crow

The Campaign to End the New Jim Crow (CENJC)
A tough cell: US to defend solitary confinement use before UN

An Al Jazeera article about the US's defense of solitary confinement to the UN

Sheriff, Natasja
Acting in Faith: Healing Justice blog posts

Inspirational interviews and podcasts by leaders in justice reform, including Jondhi Harrell, Lewis Black, and Michelle Alexander.

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Addressing racism in the U.S. justice system: An analysis by AFSC

An analysis of the militarization of police, police brutality, and racial profiling and other realities of law enforcement relative to communities of color, and recommendations for curative actions in response to those realities.

American Friends Service Committee
Addressing Violations and Misunderstandings of a Sexual Nature (Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment)

Guidelines and queries related to sexual assault and harassment between adults. 

Canadian Yearly Meeting