Lobbying and Advocacy

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC)

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC) is an organization focused on building the power of black, brown, and poor communities. The unequal, racially biased system of mass incarceration within the US inhbits this power-building, and so the EBC is focused on advocacy and direct action. The Center grounds its work in Truth and Reinvestment processes. 


94612 Oakland , CA
California US

EMIT — End MAss Incarceration Together

EMIT — End MAss Incarceration Together is a statewide working group of the Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network.

EMIT’s motto is Inform to Reform. Once people are informed about the injustice of our judicial and corrections systems, they will inform their state legislators to reform our state laws, through a series of bills over a number of years.


Massachusetts US

Ending Mass Incarceration in Massachusetts: An Evolving Handbook (Nov 2014 Ed) - Mass Incarceration Working Group

A handbook on ending mass incarceration. Includes specific information about Massachusetts laws and policies. Addresses changing laws and practices, education and outreach, and ways to help people directly, with concrete steps for accomplishing each.

Ex Prisoners and Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement

We believe that social change can only be led by the people who most need the change. No one can give power to someone else. Therefore, those of us who have the least advantage, the least power within the traditional system, have to work together to change the situation ourselves.


01610 Worcester , MA
Massachusetts US

Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together (FIGHT) WA

Formerly Incarcerated Group Healing Together (FIGHT) WA is a Seattle-based group focusing on assisting, advising, and counciling men and women of Asian Pacific Islander descent (API) who are currently incarcerated or who have been released. FIGHT focuses on reentry support and advocacy for incarcerated API people in Washington state.


98106 Seattle , WA
Washington US

Georgians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP)

Georgians For Alternatives to the Death Penalty (GFADP) is the statewide coalition of organizations and individuals working to end the death penalty, build power in communities targeted by the criminal justice system, protect the rights and dignity of those on death row and their families and transform Georgia’s broken public safety system. They lobby the state legislature, support clemency hearings, and organize vigils.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gfadp/?ref=nf

Twitter: @GFADP


30303 Atlanta , GA
Georgia US

grassroots leadership

"Grassroots Leadership fights to end for-profit incarceration and reduce reliance on criminalization and detention through direct action, organizing, research, and public education." They do visitation, run programs, monitor facilities for human rights abuses, and hold benefits and vigils, in addition to other events and campaigns.


78702 Austin , TX
Texas US

I Did the Time.

I Did the Time is a re-entry advocacy organization, led by formerly incarcerated people and their families. Their work "supports individuals and families who are working to overcome barriers associated with past offenses with political advocacy and organizing." In particular, I Did the Time is focused on amending Washington state's Freedom from Discrimination Law to include those who have been formerly incarcerated. 

I Did the Time. is a project of Layne Pavey, 2016 JustLeadershipUSA Fellow.


Spokane , WA
Washington US