Life After Justice Center

The Life After Justice Center is an advocacy organization for those who have been wrongfully convincted. Started by two exonerees, the program seeks to provide services and programs for those who have been released after being wrongfully convicted. From the website: "Exonerees aren’t even afforded the same re-entry services that parolees receive. Despite being innocent, these men and women are typically given nothing more than a pair of clothes and a bus pass when they’re released back onto the streets ... Life After Justice works to right this wrong."


60611 Chicago , IL
Illinois US

National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formerly Incarcerated

The National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formerly Incarcerated (NAEFI) is an organization in Chicago founded by a former death row inmate and an exonoree. Using the community-based models of one-on-one mentorship and "re-entry circles," NAEFI aims to advocate for and support formerly incarcerated men and women.   

Besides Chicago, "NAEFI is looking for sites to start reentry circles. [Their] goal is to set up reentry circles in every community that has a high concentration of formerly incarcerated and convicted people."



60651 Chicago , IL
Illinois US


One-Eighty is "a regional training and advocacy group serving the formerly incarcerated and the organizations that work with them." The website hosts a message board where individuals can ask or answer questions about their needs, or offer opportuniries for assistance. There is also a directory of organizations that provide resources, skills, or services to those being released or formerly incarcerated people.

One-Eighty is a project of 2015 JustLeadershipUSA Fellow Jason Cleaveland.


Missouri US

Power Inside

Power Inside works for safety, dignity and justice for women in Baltimore, MD. They do advocacy and education work, and one of their programs (of six total) is focused on women who are returning after incarceration. 

From the website: "Jail and Prison Reentry and Aftercare: Women returning to the community from prison and jail face overwhelming barriers. Through our case management we work with women while in incarcerated to address their anticipated and realized needs and provide a continuum of care as they rebuild their lives after release."                   


21211 Baltimore , MD
Maryland US

Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS)

From the website:" Prisoner Visitation and Support (PVS) is a volunteer visitation program to federal and military prisoners throughout the United States. Our priority is to visit those prisoners who:

do not ordinarily receive visits from family and friends,

want or need visits,

are in solitary confinement,

on death row, or

are serving long sentences.

Our purpose is to provide prisoners with regular, face-to-face, contact from the world outside of prison to help them cope with prison life and prepare for a successful re-entry into society."


19102 Philadelphia , PA
Pennsylvania US

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC)

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) is a Philadelphia organization founded by Quaker returned citizen J. Jondhi Harrell. "The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) assists returning citizens in the transition from incarceration to society by providing job training, housing assistance, counseling services, legal aid, and referrals. TCRC helps individuals, families and communities with the adverse impacts of incarceration."


19102 Philadelphia , PA
Pennsylvania US