Life After Justice Center

The Life After Justice Center is an advocacy organization for those who have been wrongfully convincted. Started by two exonerees, the program seeks to provide services and programs for those who have been released after being wrongfully convicted. From the website: "Exonerees aren’t even afforded the same re-entry services that parolees receive. Despite being innocent, these men and women are typically given nothing more than a pair of clothes and a bus pass when they’re released back onto the streets ... Life After Justice works to right this wrong."


60611 Chicago , IL
Illinois US


One-Eighty is "a regional training and advocacy group serving the formerly incarcerated and the organizations that work with them." The website hosts a message board where individuals can ask or answer questions about their needs, or offer opportuniries for assistance. There is also a directory of organizations that provide resources, skills, or services to those being released or formerly incarcerated people.

One-Eighty is a project of 2015 JustLeadershipUSA Fellow Jason Cleaveland.


Missouri US

Public Advocates in Community re-Entry (PACE)

Public Advocates in Community re-Entry (PACE) is a re-entry organization in Indianpolis, IN. PACE "provides services to individuals returning to [the] community from incarceration so that they may become self sustaining, law abiding, responsible members of the community ... PACE accepts anyone with a felony conviction and needs assistance, no matter how long ago that felony occurred."


46218 Indianapolis , IN
Indiana US

Smart Justice Spokane

"Smart Justice Spokane is a broad, diverse coalition of more than 30 organizations, community members, and criminal justice professionals who have come together to advocate for reform of our expensive, ineffective, and unfair criminal justice system."


99201 Spokane , WA
Washington US