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Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow, speaking at the Ending Mass Incarceration Conference at Pendle Hill Retreat Center in 2015:

One of the frustrations I’ve had as I’ve gone around the country speaking - speaking in prisons, speaking in juvenile detention centers, speaking in churches, speaking at judicial conferences, speaking at all these different places and everywhere I go - people say, “I want to join the movement, what do I do?” Right now there is a not a single national organization, not one, with deep grassroots connections to local communities that is focused like a laser on ending mass incarceration in America.

So when people say they want to join a movement, they often have no idea what’s going on in their own communities. There is incredible work going on in communities all over, there is incredible work going on in Philadelphia, but people lack awareness of what’s happening. It often feels disconnected, and there is no infrastructure.

There are Membership-based organizations based on ending mass criminalization and disposal of generations of poor communities and communities of color, but people don’t know how to connect and join. 

We don’t have to replicate what was done before, it’s a new era. How do we build a movement that has revolutionary potential?

It is this vision of connecting and supporting the movement to end mass incarceration across the country that inspires QNEMI, and we hope you’ll join us in achieving this goal.

It is not necessary to join the network in order to access resources, see items on the calendar, or learn about programs posted by members on this website.

If you wish to contribute stories, programs, events; engage in discussions; and connect and communicate confidentially with other members of the network, you will need to join the network.

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