Vincentian Reentry Organizing Project

The Vincentian Reentry Organizing Project is a partnership between the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the National Society of St. Vincent de Paul. We are challenging poverty in America, by drawing on Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel message of Love and Justice.

Our vision is to create safer, stronger, and restorative communities through systemic advocacy, removing barriers to reentry for formerly incarcerated people, dramatically decreases our prison populations, and investing in people.  We are organizing to transform communities and lives. We are bringing together Vincentians, community organizations, and returning citizens and formerly incarcerated people to radically shift our incarceration policies. 

St. Vincent de Paul has been the vanguard of addressing people’s basic needs for over 170 years. We are committed by our faith to serve. And when we see injustice, we unite with those impacted to create stronger communities.  Mass Incarceration is breaking families apart, ruining communities, and leaving us unsafe. We are organizing ourselves, formerly incarcerated people and their families, and other Catholic and faith communities to remove barriers to reentry and to promote safer and restorative ways to invest in people and create safer communities.

We are a partnership between the USCCB's Catholic Campaign for Human Development and theNational Society of St. Vincent de Paul. This partnership brings together one of the country's largest and most significant funders of grassroots organizing and leadership development with one of the country's largest volunteer driven service organizations. Together, we are rebuilding lives through relationship, leadership development, and collective advocacy. Currently, we are operating in five states: Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Massachusetts, and Louisiana



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