National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (NCIFIWG)

From the website: "The two primary purposes of the Council are:

1) To ensure that no policies, laws, practices, organizing and services are made about women and girls who are or were incarcerated without including our voices, experiences and ideas for creating more effective outcomes. Our mantra is “Nothing about us, without us!” Through support, awareness and advocacy, the Council is committed to collectively building new and just policy grounded in social justice, human rights and dignity.

2) To support the work of each of us, as incarcerated or formerly incarcerated women and girls, whether we act as individuals or as organizations. The Council is a place where members support one another by sharing the knowledge and powerful experiences of the women and girls most affected by current criminal legal policies who know the realities of incarceration, the many hurdles women face after returning home, and the harm done to families and communities by the carceral state."

The Council first met in NY in December 2015 and has since organized meeting in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Nashville, with upcoming gatherings planned in Alaska and Washington state later in the summer.

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Andrea James
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02130 Boston , MA
Massachusetts US