Insight Prison Project

"A pioneer in the field of Restorative Justice, IPP offers transformational programs for prisoners and parolees, which are supported by crime victims and community volunteers. IPP currently conducts 25 weekly classes at San Quentin State Prison, involving some 300 prisoners, as well classes in 15 other prisons in California, Massachusetts, and Colorado. 

IPP's programs are designed to develop behavior inspired by insight, accountability, and compassion, and they dramatically impact rates of institutional violence, successful reentry into communities, and individual health and spiritual well-being. The programs and complementary courses involve a process of self-transformation that is accomplished through an integrated rehabilitation curriculum specifically designed to bring about a shift in ingrained patterns of harmful and destructive behavior. 

IPP has developed these programs as a response to our nationwide prison crisis as well as the personal needs of prisoners, parolees, and crime survivors. Over the past few years, a historic realignment has seen the transfer of thousands of prisoners from California state prisons to county jails. IPP is at the forefront of developing policies, direct services, and training techniques to meet the need for effective rehabilitation practices on the local and national level."

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