EMIT — End MAss Incarceration Together

EMIT — End MAss Incarceration Together is a statewide working group of the Unitarian Universalist Mass Action Network.

EMIT’s motto is Inform to Reform. Once people are informed about the injustice of our judicial and corrections systems, they will inform their state legislators to reform our state laws, through a series of bills over a number of years.

EMIT partners with people to encourage and facilitate face-to-face meetings with state representatives and senators to let them know we are outraged about the over-incarceration of people in America who are more likely to be black, brown, poor, under-educated, mentally ill and have substance abuse problems.

A common faith unites our leaders — Unitarian Universalism, progressive thinkers who act on our beliefs. EMIT is in a coalition of groups in Massachusetts that advocate, inform and act for systematic criminal justice reform now. UUs are the moral compass of Massachusetts, the yeast that foments social justice movements.

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