About Us

The Quaker Network to End Mass Incarceration, with support from the American Friends Service Committee, is open and welcoming to all individuals and organizations working to end mass incarceration.  The network’s mission is to contribute to the nationwide effort to end mass incarceration by:

  • Facilitating an exchange of resources, programs, stories, and information to help individuals and organizations become as effective as possible;
  • Helping individuals and organizations readily find others who are actively working in their area of interest or on mass incarceration issues in their geographic area;
  • Facilitating respectful, thoughtful, dynamic discussions through which we learn from each other;
  • Supporting emerging initiatives through joint campaigns and strategy; and
  • Promoting the leadership and solutions of the formerly incarcerated who are closest to the problem.

It is not necessary to join the network in order to access resources, see items on the calendar, or learn about programs posted by members on this website.

If you wish to contribute stories, programs, events; engage in discussions; and connect and communicate confidentially with other members of the network, you will need to join the network.

Here’s how:

Mass Incarceration in the United States

Network Goals

How to Join


The American Friends Service Committee supports the work of QNEMI through staff involvement and the Quaker Action Networks web portal. For more information about AFSC, please visit afsc.org. For more information about the Quaker Action Networks, please contact Stephen Rockwell.